How to Reuse Old Car Parts?

Are you a caring lover like many others? If yes and your love for the car is unlimited, and you are so passionate that you don`t want to give away even the old parts of your vehicle, then why don`t you bring them to life again? Of course, you can! These old parts can be reused for various other purposes than they are initially designed for. You may have seen many online websites that are telling you different ways of how to reuse old car parts? If you are also interested and have some old parts available, you can take full advantage of them. The following are some easy projects in which you can use your old car parts.

Windows and Door Handles

If you have an old door or window handle available, you can easily use it to make your drawer pull. It will look magnificent and unique. You have to remove it from your car door and then attach it to your cabinet drawer. This way, you can easily make a great unique addition to your room and cabinet.

DIY Mail Sorter

You can easily find a coil spring from your old car. By using this past spring, you can make a DIY mail sorter. It will correctly give a farmhouse appeal. Other than this, you can reuse the old car part for creating a recipe holder in your kitchen.

Kids Stool with Car Jack

An old car jack can easily be converted into a small stool for kids. It can serve as the base of the stool, and you can take a seat and back with the help of wood pallets or reclaimed wood.

These are few easy and quick projects for reuse old car parts. You can also use your car rim, car hood, and car doors for your DIY projects.


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