Some Easy DIY Marbled ideas

Subtle indulgence reminds us that marbling is not only in art one of the most beautiful and beautiful things in the world. This tutorial on marbled paper garlands guides you through making a pretty hanging party decor. The House of Hipsters shows how to marble the surface of cups and other kitchen porcelain with nail polish and water.

You will be surprised how simple this technique is because the end product is gorgeous. This DIY stained glass window is super easy to make, and you can be as creative as you want! This is a great project to reuse an old window, but you could do it with an existing window, and it would be helpful in the kitchen or bathroom.

Just take an old window, give it a marble painting and use it as wall art, or just take it out And use it for wall – art. Learn to make this beautiful gold marble agate coaster that looks like an anthropological agate coaster. Homemade coasters are fun, simple, and make stunning handmade gifts for friends and family.

They are marbled with nail polish, and until they are finished, they look like marble. I wish I could say that I am the only person in the world who can marble objects with nail polish, but this is just a GENIUS.

I found these plain white porcelain trays at Target and corralled them with my daily office supplies. To make sure my office doesn’t get too rustic (which it is), I wanted to add some color and finish to the room. I started with nail polish colors that are similar to the colors I use in my studio, such as red, white, and blue. My new peasant desk was a white spot, so I had to behave to finally stain it and give it a little extra treatment.

I have conducted several experiments and found that nail polish and water offer a straightforward way to marble just about anything you want. When I read a DIY magazine last month, I was amazed at how many nail varnishes are used for marbling smooth surfaces and furniture. I’ve used nail polish marble techniques on various surfaces, such as the walls of my office, my desk, and even my bed linen.

This tutorial for naturally colored eggs uses ingredients such as coffee, turmeric and fruits to create a soft color that is perfect for spring. This tutorial by Little Bins and Little Hands requires two rounds of coloring, but the result is worth it for a beautifully marbled Easter decoration. Make this – from – a kind of decoration that will surely be a hit at your Christmas party.

If blue is not your thing, change the color of your nail polish and just follow the instructions of Alice and Lois.

With a little imagination and patience, you can make beautiful rainbow eggs that would look fantastic as an Easter centerpiece. This natural DIY egg coloring tutorial even shows you how to create a fun pattern with washi ribbon and lace. Believe it or not, these are amazingly easy to make and can be made in just a few minutes with just a piece of paper and some glue.

Let’s Make Stuff compiles a list of inspiring party and craft ideas that you can implement in 15 minutes or less.

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I’m always looking for inspiration when I find a DIY watercolor mug project that I find super cool, so I mean to make a quick and easy DIY on my blog. I saw this marbling technique under my nails, and it was so fresh for a household item.

Paper marbling has been done with various materials, processes, and the like, but today I am interested in replicating the marbled paper effect with shaving cream. In this step-by-step guide, I will show you how to create an effortless and straightforward DIY paper marble effect for your mug.

If you want to see some more creative Christmas projects with testers, check out my post from last year here. Do not forget that you can also make monochrome ornaments, Testor’s enamel is suitable for painting the decoration from the outside and works excellently on plastic and glass. If you don’t want the marble or stone to look like, or want more stains of colored ornaments, pour some color into the sides of your ornament and twirl it around. A great way to update your old and tired Christmas decorations with a new look and a little fun for the Christmas season.

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